A cylindrical glass jar of juniper smoked sea salt. A label on the front features an aerial photo of grey fog in a forest of conifers.
Closeup of a pile of light brown juniper-smoked sea salt flakes. The pile sits on a dark grey slate tile.
Photo of a wooden box built of planks of light-coloured wood, sitting outside a building with maroon siding. The box is connected by an aluminum hose to a woodstove, and smoke is rising from the top of the box.

Sea Salt

150g juniper smoked

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Newfoundland Salt Company’s juniper smoked finishing sea salt* is smoked for a minimum of 8 hours using only low lying juniper bush which gives an aromatic and sappy smoke flavour. 

*finishing sea salt is normally added at the end of the cooking process

How to use:

Use it to finish meat, fish, game, tofu, eggs, cheese-based pasta dishes, or to enhance BBQ and other sauces.


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