Peter and Robin were both born and raised in Newfoundland, but spent most of their 20s and 30s away. Funnily enough, they dated when they were both in high school only to reconnect 20 years later, after each felt the call of home. Peter and Robin began making sea salt in 2011 and incorporated their business in early 2012. Peter perfected his method of salt making at a restaurant in St. John's where he was working as a chef at the time. Robin, who has a background in fashion and customer service, has shaped the company and brand into what it is today. Peter and Robin began selling their first batches of sea salt at a local farmers market, specialty shops and chefs before relocating to Bonavista in 2017 to make sea salt full time. On any given day, you will find both Peter and Robin busily working away at their production facility on Church Street.